Stay Safe <3

As we enter worldwide uncertainty with Coronavirus I just want to wish everyone good health & hope. Try to follow the government guidelines as closely as possible because they are there for your safety.

A lot of self employed people and small businesses are going to lose a lot of income, but not as much as large companies with even bigger expenses and more employees. We are all in the same boat, all we can do is support each other and try to work/earn in whichever ways we are still able to.

I saw a lovely quote earlier that said,

“Yes a lot is canceled but….kindness is not canceled, healing is not canceled, self care is not canceled, love is not canceled”

Use the down time wisely, to focus on yourself, your house, your future, your loved ones, your friends, (even if over social platforms), your business plan and let your body recover from what is likely – a life time of hard work so far!

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